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Wrinkles: Which Is Better: Botox or Dermal Fillers?

The day wrinkles appear is usually the day we begin to immediately look for solutions on how to get rid of them. Although they are inevitable for most individuals, it doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to prevent them or diminish them. The dermatologists at Dermatology & Mohs Surgery Institute are skilled in helping our customers feel confident again by providing different treatment options based on their wants and needs. For those with wrinkles, we can provide Botox and dermal filler treatments depending on your ultimate goal.

What to Know About Botox and Dermal Fillers for Wrinkles

Why Do I Have Wrinkles?

Wrinkles are part of the aging process and can occur at any age and in both men and women. Aging skin looks different for everyone but often includes wrinkles and sagging. When you are young, you don’t notice signs of aging because of your skin naturally producing collagen. Collagen helps to keep the skin tight, which limits the number of wrinkles, crow’s feet, and sagging that appear. As we age, collagen is not produced as much so we are quick to notice signs of aging such as wrinkles in our face, sagging in your under eye, and crow’s feet. Fortunately, there are ways to stimulate collagen production regardless of your age through different skin care products and treatments such as Botox or dermal fillers.

Wrinkle Reduction with Botox

Aging can tend to make us feel defeated and as if we are older than we really are. But with today’s technology and latest advancements in skin care, we can help you look as young as you feel. Botox is an FDA-approved treatment that temporarily makes moderate to severe wrinkles and crow’s feet look better. When you receive Botox, a dermatologist will inject it into the underlying muscles to temporarily reduce the muscle’s activity. For crow’s feet, there will be at least three injections on each side of each eye. For frown lines, there will be at least five injections into the muscles between your brows and forehead. For forehead lines, there will be at least five injections into the forehead muscles.

Although a common fear of Botox is that your face will look overdone or unnatural, no one will be able to tell you have had Botox. After the treatment, you can immediately resume activity. Results are often noticed within 48 hours, and full results are noticed within 30 days. Treatments will need to continue for results to last.

Wrinkle Reduction with Dermal Fillers

Similar to Botox, dermal fillers help with wrinkle reduction but also can help in other areas of concern. Aging can often be traced back to volume loss in the face which results in sagging skin as well as wrinkles. Dermal fillers such as Dysport and Juvederm help to replace the volume while simultaneously smoothing out the skin’s wrinkles. Dermal fillers are FDA-approved injections that contain hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid keeps the skin plump and smooth. There is no downtime needed after getting a dermal filler, and results will be apparent within a few days of treatment. Results will last six to 18 months before additional treatments will be needed.

Whether you have decided Botox or dermal fillers are right for you, or if you are still undecided, we want to help! If you are in Bloomington, Illinois, or surrounding areas, complete this form. The dermatologists at Dermatology & Mohs Surgery Institute will make sure you are feeling confident and looking your best with either option you choose.

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