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What Products Should Everyone Have in Their Skincare Routine?

If you don’t already have a skincare routine, this is your sign to start one. Having a skincare routine has many benefits; not only does it keep your skin looking healthy, it helps to reverse the aging process before it even begins. The dermatologists at the Dermatology & Mohs Surgery Institute explain why you need a skincare routine and how to create the perfect mix of products for your skin to benefit most.

What to Know About Skincare Routines

Why a Skincare Routine Is Needed

Skincare routines have many benefits, especially when started at a young age. If you use the right products and you use them consistently, you can delay the aging process while giving yourself glowing skin at the same time. Finding the right combination of products for your skin type will keep your skin healthy and can help you avoid fillers or Botox in the future. With so many products available, how are you to know which to use? We can help.

Products for Your Skincare Routine

The first step in determining your skincare routine is knowing your skin type. Is it oily, dry, or a combination? This will ensure the products you use are safe on your skin, won’t cause irritation, and will allow you to see the best results.

Next, it’s time to set your routine. Steps will include cleansing, toner, serums, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Begin by cleansing your face when you wake up to remove any oils that accumulated overnight and to ensure you are starting with a clean, fresh face. The cleanser should be oil-based, which is gentle enough not to irritate your skin but will still remove any dirt and makeup.

Now that your skin is clean, it is ready for toner. Toner helps to balance out your skin. For those with dry skin, use a toner that helps to hydrate the skin. It will add moisture and soak up dryness. If your skin is prone to acne, use a toner with salicylic acid to help clear out any breakouts. Next, apply your serums. You may use an eye serum to help with under eye circles or vitamin C serum to help clear up sun damage. Serums soak into your skin to revitalize and brighten the skin.

Now it is time to moisturize. This is the second most important step of your skincare routine. Our skin takes a beating in the winter from the dry air and a beating in the summer from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Moisturizer can help to repair the skin and rehydrate it. If you have oily skin, you should opt for a light moisturizer that won’t be too heavy on your face. If it’s too heavy, it could clog your pores and have the reverse effect. If you have dry skin, opt for a hydrating moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid.

Lastly, the most important step of your skincare routine is to apply sunscreen. Sun damage ages the skin prematurely, and using an SPF 30 or higher daily can help to slow that process down. It will keep your skin sunburn-free while also providing some hydration.

Think you are ready to start your routine now that you have the products you need? Starting your skincare routine now can keep your skin looking vibrant and youthful. If you are in Bloomington, Illinois or the surrounding areas, complete this form and the dermatologists at the Dermatology & Mohs Surgery Institute can help you craft the perfect skincare routine.

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