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What Are Some Dermatological Cures for Hives?

If you have ever experienced an allergic reaction, you have likely had a case of hives. Hives can be itchy and sometimes painful, but knowing why they are occurring can help prevent them in the future. If you do come down with a case of hives, the dermatologists at the Dermatology & Mohs Surgery Institute can help treat them and narrow down what may have caused them.

What to Know About Hives

About Hives

Hives are welts on the body that are characterized by a red and itchy rash. They can appear anywhere on the body and fade and reappear as the reaction runs its course. Occasionally, the hives are bad enough that painful swelling can occur on the lips, eyelids, or throat. Hives can be caused from medication, an allergic reaction, or an infection.

Chronic hives are when welts appear for more than six weeks and continuously recur. They may be due to an underlying illness such as thyroid disease. When hives persist for more than a few days, you need to see a dermatologist for their help.

Can a Dermatologist Help with Hives?

A dermatologist is able to diagnose and provide a cure for hives. They will help determine the cause behind the reaction by trying to trace it back to something you ate, your stress level, the weather, a new medication, or anything else that may have been a cause. Once you and the dermatologist have determined what may have triggered the hives, this knowledge can help you avoid the trigger in the future.

Additionally, a dermatologist can provide treatment options to help calm the swelling and itching. They will recommend antihistamines such as Allegra, Claritin, Zyrtec, and Clarinex that will relieve your symptoms. If these don’t provide relief, other options may be given, such as histamine blockers, anti-inflammatory medications, antidepressants, antibodies, or immune-suppressing drugs.

How Can I Get Rid of Hives Fast?

For immediate relief of hives, there are some home remedies and precautions you can try before you get in to see a dermatologist. First, wear loose and light clothing. This will prevent more skin irritation from occurring and hopefully keep your itching to a minimum. Next, resist the urge to scratch the hives. The more they are scratched and itched, the more irritated they become, causing you to be even more uncomfortable. Instead, soothe the affected areas with a cool cloth or anti-itch cream. Gently pat the skin so as not to irritate it. Lastly, avoid known triggers that cause you to come down with hives. If it is a specific soap, food, drink, or medication that typically causes hives, be sure to avoid it to prevent an outbreak from occurring. Take these precautions prior to seeing your dermatologist to give your symptoms some relief.

We understand how uncomfortable hives can be and how the desire to get rid of them is top of mind; we want to help. If you are in Bloomington, Illinois or the surrounding areas, complete this form. A dermatologist from the Dermatology & Mohs Surgery Institute will be in touch to help you combat your case of hives and get you comfortable in your skin again.

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