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Want Acne Gone Without Scarring? Your Dermatologist Can Help


 forHaving acne is uncomfortable and embarrassing but what’s even worse is when you finally find an acne treatment, but scarring is left behind from it. The dermatologists at Dermatology & Mohs Surgery Institute can provide different options to help tackle your acne while not leaving any scarring behind.


What Causes Acne?

At some point in your lifetime you likely will have experienced some form of the common skin condition acne. Whether it was a pimple on your back or on your face you are likely to experience it at least once. For some it is a lifelong battle and for others it is more of a mild case that may have only occurred in their teen years. Acne is often associated with teenagers because it is when their hormones are changing. As hormones change acne begins to develop. Oil glands become overstimulated from producing too much oil and skin cells and it leads to the development of acne on the back, face, neck or shoulders.

Between at home treatments, Dermal Optical Thermolysis (DOT) treatments, Fraxel treatments and high frequency laser treatments, you can finally get a handle on your acne and improve your self-confidence.


At Home Treatments for Acne

At home treatments for acne can be as simple as washing your face twice everyday with mild soap and a non-drying cleanser. When washing your face make sure not to wash too vigorously because the skin can become irritated and the acne can become worse. It is also important not to pick or squeeze pimples because it could cause an infection, inflammation or scarring. Another at home treatment can include over-the-counter medications to help reduce acne and restore your confidence. Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid over-the-counter products can help keep new acne from forming. If your acne is severe or you notice acne scarring left behind, DOT, Fraxel or high frequency treatments can help.


Medical Treatments for Acne

Light-based therapy is a common acne treatment, often referred to as a high frequency laser treatment. A light based therapy treatment is used in severe cases of acne. It is quick and efficient and is used when other alternatives did not work. During the procedure a glass electrode is used to get deep into the pimple. It is able to eliminate bacteria and any kind of inflammation. Patients may feel some discomfort but because the procedure is so quick and simple you won’t need any recovery time. Redness and inflammation will last for a few days after treatment, but the results will be seen almost immediately.

(DOT) is for those with scars left behind from acne and can be performed safely on nearly anyone. Like its name suggests, DOT works in an actual “dot” pattern. Thousands of microscopic perforations are made to only the area being treated. This allows the skin to heal more quickly than with more traditional resurfacing lasers.

Fraxel Repair is a form of laser technology that helps with acne scarring. Our bodies naturally produce collagen and skin cells and Fraxel Re:store help to stimulate that new production. Redness is eliminated, broken blood vessels are fixed and soft tissues are resurfaced during this laser treatment. There is also a very minimal healing and recovery time.

If you suffer from acne or acne scarring and are in the Bloomington-IL area, contact Dermatology & Mohs Surgery Institute to see which acne treatment is right for you.

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