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Tattoo Removal Before Swimsuit Season

Swimsuit season is almost here, and we want you to look and feel your best! For some, that may mean finally getting rid of an unwanted tattoo. Although tattoos are meant to be permanent, laser surgery and surgical removal can help remove them. The dermatologists at Dermatology & Mohs Surgery Institute have all the tips you need to know on how tattoo removal works, the cost, and their results.

What to Know About Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal Process

Maybe you regret a tattoo you have, or maybe you just don’t want to look at your tattoo anymore. Either way, there are tattoo removal options that can help to completely diminish the tattoo and give you clear skin again. With summer just around the corner, starting treatments now can mean that your tattoo can at least be faded by the time you need to be in a swimsuit, shorts, and skirts. Once you decide you are interested in pursuing tattoo removal, you first will want to contact a dermatologist. The dermatologist will then explain which removal process is going to be most effective. They will either provide laser surgery or surgical removal.

Tattoo Removal Methods

Laser surgery and surgical removal will depend on the tattoo’s size, age, and location. Laser surgery is the most common method. The skin will first be numbed with an anesthetic before the Q-switched laser releases a powerful pulse and heat on the tattoo being removed. The laser is used over the entire tattoo to help it begin to fade. Swelling, blistering, and bleeding are common symptoms that may be seen after treatment. For two weeks after laser surgery, you should keep the treated area clean and dry, avoid exposing it to sunlight and do not pick scabs or blisters that form.

Unfortunately, you will need multiple treatments to see results, and, in some cases, it might not be possible to completely remove the tattoo, but it will be significantly lightened. It is easiest for a tattoo that is black, brown, dark blue, or green to be removed. More colorful tattoos have a higher risk of leaving behind some light color. Also, it is important to consider the cost of laser surgery since multiple treatments will be needed. The average cost of one session is $450.

A less common tattoo removal method is surgical removal. An anesthetic is used to numb the area before a dermatologist uses a scalpel to remove the tattoo. The skin is then stitched back together. This is typically done on smaller tattoos but will likely leave a scar. After surgery, an ointment should be used to help the healing process. Sun should be avoided, and the area should be kept dry for at least two weeks. Surgical removal costs on average $250, but only one surgery should be needed.

The dermatologists at Dermatology & Mohs Surgery Institute are here to help you feel confident this swimsuit season. If you are ready to explore tattoo removal and are in Bloomington, Illinois, or the surrounding areas, complete this form, and we will be in touch to help provide tattoo removal services.

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