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Start Getting Wedding Ready Today with these Popular Treatments

Your wedding day is the one day you want to look and feel your best. So much work goes into one day! You may feel overwhelmed on where to start, but these treatments should help get the ball rolling and have you looking great on your big day. The dermatologists at Dermatology & Mohs Surgery Institute can help schedule and administer these treatments that every bride deserves.


How to Prepare Your Skin for Your Wedding


Juvederm is a treatment used to liven and plump drab or wrinkled skin. This treatment is ranked the best for dermal fillers and will not disappoint. The procedure is fairly simple, and only causes minimal discomfort. A topical cream will first numb the area to avoid pain. Then, an ultrafine needle will insert a clear gel into the targeted area. The clear gel contains hyaluronic acid, a very important ingredient. Over time, our skin naturally depletes its supply of hyaluronic acid which causes the skin to lose moisture, become wrinkly, and become dull. By replacing the lost hyaluronic acid, targeted areas begin to become voluminous again and fine lines start to fade. The amount of time required for the procedure depends on the targeted area. For the lips, it may take less than thirty minutes!

Some side effects may include bruising, firmness, bleeding, and lumps. However, compared to dermal fillers that use collagen, these side effects are much less common and easier to resolve. The results appear almost immediately after treatment and will last up to a year. This treatment is FDA approved and recommended for people 21 and over.


Coolsculpting is a treatment that eliminates visible fat bulges in various. Areas include under the chin and jawline, thigh, abdomen, back, underneath buttocks, and upper arm. Coolsculpting uses freezing technology to kill fat cells. The type of fat cells they target are ones that cause pockets of fat. They are often challenging to remove, even with conscious diet and exercise. Once these areas are treated, in 1-3 months, the frozen cells will naturally be eliminated. Thus, resulting in a 20%-25% reduction of fat in that area that is long-lasting.

Coolsculpting is not intended for weight loss, but rather for people near their ideal body weight aiming to reduce fat in one of the previously mentioned areas.


Dermaplaning is a treatment that uses a fine blade to graze hairs and dead skin from the face. Every day, your skin is exposed to irritants, environmental toxins, and harmful rays from the sun. This repeated damage can cause your skin to look dull and aged. By utilizing the basic concepts of shaving, a trained professional will aim a blade at a 45-degree angle, and slowly glide it across your skin.

Treatment works by resurfacing your skin and giving it a new layer of fresh skin cells. The blade removes scar tissue, dead cells, and dirt that sits on the surface of your skin. This will help remove annoying peach fuzz, minimize acne scars, brighten and liven the skin. It can also remove sun-damaged and dry skin, and minimize fine lines and wrinkles. The procedure itself is not painful, and a tingling sensation will be felt at most. It only takes about 30 minutes to perform and after treatment, you only need to worry about protecting your new layer of skin with SPF.


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Get ready to walk down the aisle with a newfound confidence! These popular treatments are low-risk and high reward for your big day. If you’re interested in any of the treatments, you can schedule them with the dermatologists at Dermatology & Mohs Surgical Institute. If you are in or around Bloomington, Illinois fill out this form to be connected to a dermatologist.

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