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Wrinkle Reduction

What to Expect from a Wrinkle Reduction

Whether you’re 35 and just beginning to see the first signs of aging, or 55 with skin that isn’t exactly keeping your birthday a secret, seeking ways to reduce wrinkles is probably on your agenda. However, many of us are losing the wrinkle battle because we think that aging skin is inevitable.

Fortunately, with today’s advanced procedures, technologies and treatments, you really can look as young as you feel. After an initial consultation, patients begin a process that leads to meaningful enhancement, improved self-esteem and an overall sense of well-being.

A visit will open the door to you having the flawless, younger-looking skin that you’ve always wanted, but just haven’t been able to achieve. We’ll help you repair and rejuvenate your skin and improve your complexion.

Recapture and restore your beautiful skin. Make an appointment today.

About Flexile Classic

DAXXIFY® is FDA-approved to smooth moderate to severe lines between the brows. It is the only long-lasting frown line treatment powered by a peptide with results that last on average 6 months and up to 9 months for some.

Several factors contribute to the formation of facial lines. Decreased collagen production, cellular changes, genetics, environmental damage, and sun damage may all play a role. Facial lines are also formed by repeated muscle contractions such as frowning, squinting, or raising the eyebrows. These facial expressions cause the skin to furrow and fold, which eventually leads to the formation of wrinkles. DAXXIFY® works below the skin’s surface to temporarily reduce the underlying muscle activity responsible for moderate to severe frown lines.

How is DAXXIFY® different from facial fillers, known as dermal fillers?

DAXXIFY® minimizes the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines by temporarily relaxing the underlying muscles that cause these wrinkles. DAXXIFY® is a long-lasting botulinum type A treatment with a novel peptide.

Facial fillers, also known as dermal fillers, are typically made of hyaluronic acid and are used to add volume, fullness, and structure to areas of the face. They can help contour cheekbones, soften lines around the nose and mouth, and volumize lips. Dermal fillers target volume loss rather than muscle-related wrinkles.


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