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How to Know Whether You’re Aging Well or Not

How do you define aging well? Some may say aging well is when they see few wrinkles and lines. Others may say it is when they have no wrinkles, no sagging skin, and smooth, hydrated skin. The dermatologists at Dermatology & Mohs Surgery Institute are here to help you know if you are aging well or not and give you tips on how to prevent aging.

How to Tell How You Are Aging

Signs of Aging

Although everyone defines aging differently, there are some common signs of aging most people look for. Common signs include wrinkles, lines, lip lines, under-eye circles, sagging skin, and dehydrated skin. Aging can begin for some in their 30s and later.

Aging is often caused by a lack of collagen production. Collagen helps to keep our skin tight and taut and is naturally produced in our body. As we age, collagen is produced less and less. When this occurs, you will begin to see the skin sag, wrinkles, or lines appearing from the skin having less elasticity. Aging is a natural part of life, but there are ways to help prevent the aging process from beginning too soon.

Aging Prevention

Preventing aging can be done through creams and serums but also can be done with dermatologist-provided treatments. Creating a daily routine is key to preventing aging. Your routine should begin with a toner to help keep the skin hydrated and to look and feel smooth. Then you should include a moisturizer, under-eye serums, and any other problem area creams that contain hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid helps to stimulate collagen production. Using products with hyaluronic acid prior to signs of aging occurring can help ensure collagen is always being produced, delaying the aging process. In addition to creams and serums, preventative aging treatments such as Botox or facials can be done.

Preventative Botox is the same as normal Botox treatments, except it is done prior to actually needing it in an effort to avoid wrinkles and lines from appearing. A dermatologist will inject Botox into the forehead, lip line area, or crow’s feet area. The earlier preventative Botox is done, the less Botox you will need in the future when signs of aging do begin to appear.

Facials are also performed by a dermatologist. A facial is not only a great way to relax but a great way to keep your skin looking fresh, soft, and ageless. Having a facial done every other month will keep the skin impurities away. Additionally, adding on a chemical peel or dermaplaning can take the facial and age prevention a step further. A chemical peel uses a chemical solution to strip the skin’s top layer and reveals new, rejuvenated skin underneath. Dermaplaning is when a blade-type of the instrument is used to shave off the dead skin and baby hairs on the face and neck area. The result is smooth, ageless skin.

If you only see one or a few of these signs of aging mentioned, chances are you are aging well, but internally if you don’t feel like you are, the dermatologists at Dermatology & Mohs Surgery Institute can help. For those located in Bloomington, Illinois, or surrounding areas, complete this form, and we will be in touch.

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