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Beware of Hair Loss Product and Treatment Scams

Signs of hair loss can make us self-conscious and set us on the search for the best products and treatments. Unfortunately, there are many hair loss product and treatment scams to beware of. We want to ensure you are not getting scammed and are purchasing products that have actual results. Our dermatologists at Dermatology & Mohs Surgery Institute have some tips to identify products and treatments that are actually scams to look out for.


What to Know About Hair Loss Treatment Scams


About Hair Loss

Hair loss can happen in both men and women at any age. In some, it starts sooner in life rather than later. As we age, the rate of hair growth slows down. This is just one cause of hair loss. Others include genetics and certain types of alopecia that can occur for a variety of reasons. Once signs of hair loss arise, the search for product and treatment information begins. It is important to be through in your search and use reliable websites and doctors to find real products and real treatments.


Hair Loss Product and Treatment Scams

Not everything you read on the internet is true! Therefore, you must be careful when researching hair loss products and treatments to ensure you are not getting scammed. Scam products and treatments often over-market themselves as well as over-promise results. This is a good sign the product may not be all it is cracked up to be. The most common hair loss scam is that using snake oil will increase hair growth. Surprisingly, snake oil products do not actually have snake oil in them. They often include different kinds of oil-based moisturizers all mixed together.

Other scams include hair loss brushes and herbal supplements. It is believed that stimulating the scalp increases hair growth. Unfortunately, this is inaccurate and will not provide any results unless an actual hair stimulation treatment is done. It is also believed that herbal supplements can stimulate hair growth. This is also untrue. While supplements can support strong hair quality, it cannot grow your hair back. While these scams can be scary, if you do your research you will come across actual hair growth treatments that work such as corticosteroids, topical immunotherapy, and others.


Hair Growth Treatments That Work

While many scams are out there, there are just as many real treatments that provide results. Corticosteroids take a bit longer to provide results but can help hair regrowth. An injection can be placed on the treatment area, a pill can be taken or an ointment can be put on the treatment area. Topical immunotherapy is a treatment used in more severe cases. It is placed directly on the affected area. Multiple treatments will be needed to see results. Lastly, the most common treatment is Rogaine. It is placed directly on the scalp and will take up to three months to see results.

If you are unsure of a hair loss product or treatment, please contact our dermatologists. We can help you determine if it is a scam or if it is something that can truly help your hair loss. If you are in Bloomington, Illinois or the surrounding area complete this form to get in touch with the dermatologists of Dermatology & Mohs Surgery Institute.

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