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Be Confident at Your Holiday Party with These Acne Treatments

The holidays are one of the best times of the year. You get to be surrounded by loved ones and friends at various parties so it is only right you want to be confident in how you look for them, but it can be hard to do so when your acne is on the rise. Acne treatments, such as dermaplaning, laser therapies and facials focused on clearing up acne, can help boost your confidence and the dermatologists at Dermatology & Mohs Surgery Institute are happy to provide these treatments for you.


How to Identify and Treat Acne

How Acne Begins

Acne can begin in males and females of any age, but most often occurs during the teen years due to hormonal changes. Many wonder what causes acne though. As your hormone levels begin to rise, the sebaceous glands (oil glands) become overstimulated. They end up producing extra oils causing a blockage in the glands. This results in whiteheads and blackheads, also commonly referred to as acne. Patients may experience facial acne, back acne or neck acne, just to name a few areas. Many acne treatments are available to help you get your clear skin and your confidence back.


Available Acne Treatments

Different acne treatments are available to allow patients to choose the best for their skin type and severity of acne. Common acne treatments include dermaplaning, laser therapies and facials focused on clearing up acne.

Dermaplaning can be performed as a standalone service or added onto a facial. During the treatment, the dermatologist focuses on removing any skin impurities such as acne, light wrinkles and peach fuzz. First, the skin is cleaned and prepped for treatment to allow the pores to fully open. This is essential for the dermatologist to be able to then perform extractions of blackheads and whiteheads. Once that is complete, the dermatologist will use a razor-like instrument in a shaving motion to rid any peach fuzz and dead skin. The result is beautiful, glowing, acne-free skin.

Laser therapies are a great way to rid your skin of acne and acne scarring that may have occurred. Laser therapies such as high frequency, utilize a dot pattern to create microscopic perforations on the face while leaving the surrounding skin intact. It eliminates deep bacteria and inflammation to diminish acne. Some redness may occur, but results are noticeable immediately.

Lastly, a facial focused on removing and clearing up acne can help restore your confidence. The dermatologist will perform a deep clean of your face to ensure all makeup and creams have been removed and that they have a clean slate to work from. Next, a steamer is used to soften and open the pores to make for easier cleaning. Then comes exfoliation. This helps dead skin cells to be removed and any debris clogging up your pores to also be removed. During this process, a salicylic acid peel is placed on your skin to penetrate the acne. After it is washed off, extractions will be performed. Next, a sulfur mask will be used to help clean the acne. Lastly, the mask is washed off and you will walk away feeling more confident than ever in your smooth and clear skin.

Let the dermatologists at Dermatology & Mohs Surgery Institute help you get clear skin for this upcoming holiday season. If you are in Bloomington, Illinois or surrounding areas, complete this form to get in touch with us. We look forward to helping renew your confidence.

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