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Acne as a Teen? Try Dermaplaning

More than likely, you have experienced acne, whether it be a mild case or a severe one. It can be embarrassing and frustrating when it occurs and even worse if it leaves behind any type of scarring. Dermaplaning is a great option to help alleviate acne as well as help clear up any scarring left behind. The dermatologists at the Dermatology & Mohs Surgery Institute have the experience to provide dermaplaning treatments and get you the smooth, hydrated face you deserve.

What to Know About About Acne and Dermaplaning

Why Acne Occurs

Men and women of all ages have been subjected to at least one pimple before. For some, it occurs as their hormones change during their teenage years, and for others, they don’t experience it until adulthood. In either case, it can be discouraging and frustrating to deal with.

Acne is the result of clogged sebaceous glands. When they become overstimulated due to hormonal changes, stress, or your diet, your pores become clogged. The pores produce extra oil and excess skin cells and result in whiteheads or blackheads. In severe acne, they can become infected and inflamed and appear as red lesions. Severe acne often leads to scarring. Whether you have mild or severe acne, dermaplaning can help physically but also mentally by boosting your confidence.

How Dermaplaning Can Help Acne

Dermaplaning is a type of skincare treatment performed by a dermatologist for a variety of reasons. It can be to help acne, to remove peach fuzz, ,or to simply give your face a refreshed look. During a dermaplaning treatment the dermatologist will begin by cleaning your face to ensure they are starting with a clean slate. They will then use a razor-like instrument to essentially shave the top layer of skin off your face. Any skin impurities you had prior will be gone. Lastly, the dermatologist will apply a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. The treatment is fairly quick and completely painless. Results will be seen immediately.

After treatment, it is important to stay hydrated. This means drinking more than enough water as well as moisturizing each morning and night. Dermaplaning treatments should be performed every other month to continue seeing results.

Benefits of dermaplaning include removing dead skin cells, removing peach fuzz, and unclogging your pores to eliminate acne from appearing. By removing dead skin cells, you are adding moisture to your face and eliminating dry skin. When the new layer of skin appears, your skin will be glowing and extra smooth. When peach fuzz is removed, you will notice a new softness to your skin. Lastly, when you have unclogged pores, it is harder for acne to creep in. It also helps any acne treatments you use to penetrate the skin more, giving you better results. Additionally, it helps your toner, moisturizer, and makeup to penetrate your skin more, resulting in glowing skin.

Dermaplaning is an effective treatment for anyone with or without acne. If you are in Bloomington, Illinois or the surrounding areas and would like to try a treatment, complete this form. The dermatologists at the Dermatology & Mohs Surgery Institute will be in touch.

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