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8 Tricks for Erasing Under Eye Circles

Sleep deprivation is real, and for some of us it is shown on our faces, under our eyes. Eye circles can be embarrassing, but these eight tricks will help erase them. The dermatologists at Dermatology & Mohs Surgery Institute can work with you to decide which of these eight tricks will work best for you and be the most helpful based on your needs.


Under-Eye Circle Causes

While sleep deprivation is the main cause of those puffy eye circles, other factors may play a role too. Heredity, allergies, eczema, and aging can all cause under eye circles. These conditions also can make existing under-eye circles more visable. If you have inherited your eye circles, you likely have thin skin under the eyes where blood pools. This will cause the under-eye puffiness. Allergies can cause the body to release histamine. When released, the blood vessels may swell, causing under eye circles. Since eczema inflames areas of the skin, a common inflamed area is under the eyes. Lastly, aging causes our skin to lose collagen. This causes veins to be more apparent, often resulting in under eye circles. Whether the cause of your under-eye circles is sleep deprivation or heredity, there are eight tricks to help get rid of them.


Under-Eye Circle Treatments

Many treatments are available to help reduce the appearance of under eye circles. Because there are so many different tricks, you can test them out to see which works best for your situation. The first five tricks involve items you likely have lying around your home. One trick involves using a tea bag. The caffeine in the tea can help increase blood flow to your skin to help reduce the under-eye circles. Steep the tea for five minutes and then let the bag chill for 20 minutes. Squeeze out the extra liquid then put the tea bag under your eyes for up to 30 minutes.

The second trick is to use a cold compress on the under eyes. The third trick involves using a neti pot if you have one. While it is meant to assist with sinuses, it can help remove under-eye circles as well. The fourth trick is something we should focus on each day whether we have under eye circles or not – hydration. If allergies are the main cause for the under-eye circles, the fifth trick involves taking an antihistamine to reduce under-eye swelling.


Products for Under-Eye Circles

These next three tricks include items you may not have lying around your home, but can easily find at the store to help. Trick number six is to add retinol cream to your daily routine. Retinol helps improve collagen and keeps the skin tight, rather than loose, which can be a cause of under-eye circles. The seventh trick is to use skin lightening products. The main ingredient in these products, hydroquinone, interferes with the melanin production in the skin. Melanin causes that dark under-eye appearance and a lightening product will offset that. The eighth trick is to try microneedling. A dermatologist can provide this treatment meant to reduce wrinkles and reduce pigmentation issues such as under-eye circles.


We Can Help

These eight options are just a few of the many out there that will hopefully work for your situation. We recommend you discuss your options with the dermatologists at Dermatology & Mohs Surgery Institute so we can provide you with assistance in which option will work best. If you are in Bloomington, Illinois or the surrounding areas complete this form to contact us.

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