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3 Ways To Combat Sebaceous Cysts

Sebaceous cysts are a common occurrence in men and women of all ages. Depending on their location and size they can be noticeable to others and may cause self-consciousness. With the help and guidance of the dermatologists at Dermatology & Mohs Surgery Institute there are many ways to combat sebaceous cyst acne to help boost your confidence. First, it is important you learn what to look for when determining if it is a sebaceous cyst.

What are Sebaceous Cysts and How to Combat Them

What is a Sebaceous Cyst

Sebaceous cysts are usually noncancerous abnormalities on the skin that may contain liquid or semi-liquid inside. They are often found on the face, neck or abdomen and can become uncomfortable as they continue to grow. Sebaceous cysts can develop if the sebaceous gland becomes damaged or blocked. They can also be the result of a deformed duct, damaged cells or genetics. Cysts can range from small with no pain, to large with uncomfortableness, pressure, and pain.

Characteristics of potentially cancerous cysts include a diameter of larger than five centimeters, reoccurrence, and signs of infection. A dermatologist can test the cyst to determine if it is cancerous or not by doing a physical examination. They can also assist with ways to combat sebaceous cysts, such as drainage and surgery.


Combating Sebaceous Cyst Acne

Sebaceous cysts should always be kept clean to avoid infection from occurring. Avoid picking, rubbing, or squeezing them as it can cause damage or pain.

When they get too bothersome and you are ready to combat them, there are options. The first way to combat sebaceous cyst acne is by having them drained. A dermatologist will make a small cut in the cyst and gently squeeze out the liquid. Another drainage option to combat sebaceous cysts include fine-needle aspiration. A thin needle is inserted into the cyst to drain the liquid. This method is often used for cysts on the breast. While these are both a quick and painless fix, the cysts are likely to continue to occur unless complete removal is performed.

Removal of a sebaceous cyst is another option to combat them. This is done through conventional wide excision, minimal excision, or laser with punch biopsy excision. Conventional removal involves removing the entire cyst, but a scar will be left behind. Minimal excision leaves minimal scarring, but the cyst may return. Lasers with punch biopsy excision drains the cyst and then removes its outer walls one month later. If you choose a removal method, you will often be supplied with an ointment to be used on the area to avoid infection from occurring.

Whichever method you choose should be based on your personal preference or whether or not it is cancerous. A method that should not be used is popping or draining the cyst on your own. This could result in an infection and worsening the issue.

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Sebaceous cyst acne should always be seen by a dermatologist to ensure it is not cancerous. We are here to help you diagnose your sebaceous cysts and to explore these options to combat them. If you are in the Bloomington, Illinois or surrounding areas complete this form to get in touch with a dermatologist.

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